Sealed Electronic Bidding

Handle a competitive bid process seamlessly on your planroom.

Specifically designed for public agencies and owners. Simplify the bid process, increase participation.

Get more competitive bids

Submitting an electronic bid online is more convenient for the bidder, and allows more last-minute submissions.
This encourages more participation and better pricing for your project.
Seamlessly integrated with your planroom
No need to learn or register for another system
Bidders can retract and resubmit right up until the deadline
All bids are securely sealed until the deadline

Stay aware of all bidding activity

Assigned bid managers receive email alerts for every submission, every retraction. Login to preview the list of bidders showing "outside the envelope" information only.
Know who is bidding as it happens
Both email notifications and planroom preview page
Bid documents and details remain sealed until the deadline

Ditch the complexity, keep it simple

If you've looked at electronic bid submission solutions, you've probably noticed they can be pretty cumbersome.
It doesn't have to be that way.

Other solutions

Most other bidding options require tons of training with a steep learning curve.
Entirely new bid submittal process for bidders learn
Complex bid management system for agencies to learn
You are forced to go 100% with electronic bids
Look, we're all for digitizing the bid process. But if you make it complicated and time-consuming, you may lose bidders in the process as less tech-savvy bidders hesitate.
And that defeats the whole purpose.

Our approach

We built a simple bidding solution that you and your bidders will love.
Integrated with the planroom bidders already use
Bidders complete the exact same bid forms as before
Signed forms uploaded securely through the planroom
Agency downloads and opens bids at opening
Go all electronic or go hybrid, your choice
Keep the process simple and more familiar, and bidders are more likely to participate. Drive a more successful bid process.

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