Project Communication and ITB

Streamline communication and manage your ITB process.

Send Invites to Bid, track responses, and prepare for your project bid easier than ever.

Powerful contact management

Manage all your contacts right within the planroom. Assign trades, organize by group, track historical activity, and much more.
Import your existing contacts
Organize by CSI codes, custom group, DBE status
Blackball contacts to exclude from future ITBs
View past ITB responses at-a-glance
Log notes and comments

Invite precisely who you want

When sending out an Invite to Bid, use our powerful filters to make sure you target the exact contacts you want for your project.
Filter by trade, DBE status, union, or any other custom group
Limit by geographical distance from your project
Build, save, and re-use a project-specific group of contacts
Every ITB recipient receives a unique link to your project so you can confirm who received your ITB. Additionally, the planroom will ask each invited user to respond to your invite with their intent.

Track responses

Live reports show which recipients have opened your email and accessed the project, along with all bid responses.
See who opened your email and accessed the project
View bid responses and print reports
Export all ITB activity to spreadsheet for further analysis

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